Experience & Relentlessness

At the worst time, you require the toughest defense lawyers. The Jones Defense Group is a full service administration Orlando law firm which has dealt with – and won – a portion of the biggest and most troublesome criminal cases in Orlando and everywhere throughout the state. Perceived by associates, judges and the media as persistent supporters for those accused of genuine state and government violations, we comprehend that being accused of a wrongdoing is maybe the absolute most startling background anybody can have and that you require a contender in your corner to get past it. Through comprehensive pretrial arrangement we have figured out how to get many cases expelled – including such genuine government cases as RICO infringement – and destroyed different indictments through careful examinations which have uncovered real validity issues with the arraignment’s witnesses. Not at all like numerous legal counselors you can discover without anyone else false acclaim, our criminal resistance legal advisors have a reputation of accomplishment second to none in the criminal law network in Orlando.